Wiley X

Dry eye syndrome (Rx ready)

Wiley X Climate Control Series eyewear protects against wind, dust and dry eyes.
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Thera Tears

TheraTears® Dry Eye Therapy is a unique hypotonic and electrolyte balanced formula that replicates healthy tears.

TheraTears Dry Eye Therapy Preservative Free is preservative free for sensitive eyes.

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Thera Tears Supplements

Lens fluids can also cause dry eyes, but special lens drops can remedy this problem.

Supports eye comfort and healthy tears*

This unique formula is an optimized blend of organic flaxseed, triglyceride from of fish oil and vitamin E.

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Wiley X Safety glasses

Over 25 years of experience in premium performance safety (sun) wear for the military and police forces. Wiley X glasses are ANSI safety rated and able to withstand 20 .25 caliber pellets fired at 150 FPS. The ultimate protection against ejected brass, ricocheting shot, errant fishing hooks or anything else.

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