We offer you innovative advancements in eye care. This guarantees that you will be kept up-to-date on the latest eye care products and eye care developments worldwide and also in Curaçao.

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Correct measurement

We guarantee that our eye measurements, eye products and eye care services meet international standards. We also guarantee that they meet all the standards for usage, reliability and life span and that they will be free of any defects whatsoever.

One-month refund policy on contact lenses

If you can’t get used to your new contact within onemonths after a contact lens check-up, we offer you the opportunity to exchange them for a different type, providing they are not damaged.

Four month guarantee on budget frames

Budget frames, glasses and sunglasses have a maximum four monthguarantee on production and material defects.

One year guarantee on our own brand (huismerk) of frames

One-year factory guarantees on our own brand of frames on production and material defects.

Two year guarantee on superior multifocal glasses

We provide a two year guarantee on our superior multifocal glasses with an anti-reflection coating, scratches excluded.

Extensive choice

We guarantee an extensive selection of glasses to choose from. We renew our collection four times a year, so you’ll always be able to choose from our most up-to-date models!

Rodenstock Intelligent Sunglasses

These are modern sunglasses that think for themselves. Pre-tinted lenses for all outdoor activities (Daytime only).
Moderate activation behind windshield, trendy and modern sunglasses with Fashion colours or sports glasses. These are the fastest Contrast tinting for plano and prescription spectacles.

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Some say you’ve got to see it to believe it. We know just how annoying, tough, or even dangerous it can be when eyeglasses, protective goggles, or faceshields fog due to heat, cold, or high humidity. We have the solution for you.

Two cloth options:
Resealable foil packaging (20 uses/ cloth)
Tear-And-Go foil packaging (10 uses/cloth)

Fog-free vision is a competitive advantage, and a safety advantage for workers and sport men or women.

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