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We believe it is important to give you the best advice possible to take care of your eyes. You can do this by wearing sunglasses and regularly testing your eyes. In addition, you can contact us straight away if you think something is wrong, so we can advise and help you in a timely manner.

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Mi Optica: Perfect Vision through Rodenstock!

Mi Optica has developed into a diagnostic eye center with the DNEye® scanner2+, Fundus scanner, and ImpressionIST4 from Rodenstock. With the capability to analyze your overall health and the health of your eyes in particular, Mi Optica can guarantee you much better vision. We can measure more than 7,000 points of your eye using the 3D DNEye®. In this way, we can detect every detail and tailor glasses that are ideal for you.

As well as offering the perfect diagnosis, we supply the best Rodenstock lenses. DNEye® optimized lenses have the following benefits: high-contrast vision, the sharpest contrast, safe view, best night vision, natural vision, the widest field of vision, and color- filled vision like never before. Book an appointment via the link here and have your eyes measured again by Mi Optica—for the best vision.
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